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Realtime 3d fanart of Shigenori Soejima's character design of Aigis from Persona 3. This one is based on his artbook illustration, but also combines a few design elements from the Arena version.
Rig was made by Darren Holt.

I decided to make a game res version of the test sculpt I did last year, wanted to try for a FFXV style. The final character is around 130k tris.
Tutorial for the body materials is included below, for the hair I followed Tom Parker's tutorial and built the hair strands in zbrush, then baked down onto hair cards.

Link to the WIP thread -

Thanks for looking!

Marmoset shader settings for some of my materials

Marmoset shader settings for some of my materials

Secondary specular or SSAO not available in marmoset viewier :(

Video Turntable

Tutorial I made for Quixel covering the body texturing process